is back to bring you the facts even after being shut down for so long.

I will caution you, Iím kindía new at this so Iím not entirely sure what I am doing. Iím doing the best I can though. I feel like the public has a right to know whatís going on to a certain extent. If this there WAS a real Freddy Fazbear's Pizza BEFORE the release of the game then the truth needs to be known. If there WASNíT an actual restaurant, then people need to stop saying that there was.

I didnít believe that there could have been such a place until I actually started investigating and real clues began to surface. For example, one Hurricane, UT local told me, ďI remember the place from when my friends used to go there as kids." The second time I went to Hurricane, UT, I noticed, among other things, businesses were giving away free popcorn, such as the hardware store and car repair station. I immediately connected this with the 5th game, Sister Location, where popcorn is given out. I began to collect photos to prove this idea: THIS PHOTO GALLERY CONTAINS PHOTOS THAT SUPPORT THE IDEA THAT FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZA WAS, AT ONE TIME, AN ACTUAL PLACE!

I would like to thank the FNAF community, particularly my fans, supporters, friends, and coworkers: Veronica Langford, Robert Rhody, Emma Johnson, Enkroig Gohr, Maciek Zawislak, Dark Doomer, Nora Cook, Kevin, Tyler Erving, Haley Musk Grove, Jason Patrick, Caressa Lynn, Wolawut Tubtim, Andrew Davis...OH oh oh and Mom & Dad, of course, who helped make all this possible.

If you would like to know more about Freddy Fazbear's Public Relations, click HERE.





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