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For info about the Grand Opening in 2021, of a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza:GRAND OPENING 2021

!!Check out these awesome Freddy Fazbear T-shirts!! A must have for any fan! See an archived version of the Original FreddyFazbearsPizza.com

Discover origins of the Fazbear public relations (not my own company, the original one).

THIS is an UNCONFIRMED Pennsylvania Location of an alleged Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

THIS is an Official Non-Official “Fan-made” page. Keep in mind much of the material has been censored or removed. This page claims that it is merely for entertainment purposes, however, I believe they know more about Freddy Fazbears Pizza than they are letting on.

For the most extensive knowledge base of FNAF lore, check out their Wiki HERE

Videos posted by Maciek Zawislak can be found HERE

For the video with Fazbear in the title posted in ?2012?, check it out HERE


For all your web design needs, banners, icons, character paintings, poster designs, illustrations and more, please do check out the very wonderful ANGEL ILLUMINATIONS STUDIO. The designer & artist is CHERYL BAISDEN SOLIS, who can also be contacted through her Facebook page (Angel Illuminations Studio) or personal Facebook page--just tell'er FazPro sent ya to get a 10% off your order!

Read an online public copy of the Autobiography of a Yogi (see Fifth Night phone call)

STEW LEONARDS An actual Grocery store chain in Connecticut that features costumed & animatronic characters throughout the store. The Employees are remarkably happy and well paid & costumers love it.

Other Confirmed Animatronic Family Entertainment Restaurants you might enjoy: SHOWBIZ PIZZA and CHUCK E. CHEESE.

Read more about the people behind the Rock’n’Roll rebellion

Read About more about the real life FRED BEAR.

Find out more about Animatronics from Zetaboard’s Retro Pizza Zone. DISCLAIMER!! PLEASE REFRAIN from mentioning Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza on this forum! ANY MENTION OF FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZA OR FNAF could result in hour being permanently banned from the site!! They have heard WAY TOO MUCH OF IT already, so that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in effect. I am so serious!! Should you have any questions comments or concerns you may have for Retro Pizza Zone, please word them very carefully and be on your absolute best behavior. This is a site primarily used by educated adults and they do NOT screw around. We initially did not want to link this, however, it happens to be pretty good knowledge base. IF you go there… just… pretend like FNAF never happened.



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