The “official story” is pieced together from the novels “Silver eyes” and “Twisted ones”, as well from clues left in the game. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE ARE NOVELS, FICTION, NOT REALITY! Though the story will vary some, depending on who you ask, from what I have gathered a condensed version of the story goes something like this:

Dating as far back as 1973 to 1992 there was a string of animatronic-critter-band themed pizza places for kids that were created by 2 competing companies: Fazbear Entertainment & Afton Robotics. A restaurant called Fredbear’s Family diner (or something like that) opens using spring-lock Animatronics that also double as costumes.

Later, Afton Robotics (the people behind the “Sister Location”) open Baby’s Circus world Pizza. There was an incident with Afton Robotics where William Afton’s daughter is killed by the animatronic character Circus Baby. There another incident where the spring lock suit malfunctions and kills the guy inside (from whence come the theory of the notorious “purple guy” who is left for dead).

At some point in 1983 there’s an incident at Fredbear’s Family Dinner when an older boy bullies a younger boy, and the younger kid ends up with his head in Fredbear’s mouth where it is crushed. The younger child has nightmares & hallucinations, which I believe are represented in the 4th game, later dies from the injuries sustained.

Freddy Fazbear’s pizza opens for the first time, stays open for little while, then goes out of business for a short time; it then reopens with newer shinier animatronics some time in 1985: thus, the introduction to the 2nd game.

Now, at some point there is a second biting incident in 1987 of which not many details are known. One of the Animatronics stuffs a night guard into a suit and kills him. That location closes and the shinier Fazbear Animatronics are scrapped shortly after. Another simplified location opens around 1992. This is the location of the first game. These Animatronics also seem to have some unquenchable desire to stuff night guards into poorly fitting animatronic costumes.

Not sure which restaurant it was were the kidnappings took place but apparently the “Purple guy” is William Afton who loses his mind after his daughter is killed by Circus Baby and kidnaps 5 kids. It is implied that he stuffs the kids in into the animatronics at a Fazbear location. Which one is up to debate. I only say this because in any ‘real world’ situation, an animatronic with a dead body in it is going be noticed fairly quickly.

Due to night guards repeatedly coming up missing, and anywhere from 5 to 10 kids missing the newer, simpler Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza also closes. Sometime in the not distant future, believed to be around 2023(?) a horror attraction opens called “Fazbear Fright”: thus the introduction to the 3rd game. A spring lock suit is found containing the corpse of William Afton (aka “Purple guy”) who, for some reason, is actually still alive and then tries to kill the night guard at the Fazbear Fright attraction and then the place burns down.

Now… while I believe Freddy Fazbears Pizza could have easily been a real place (though that is still under serious debate), all this talk of kidnapping and animatronics with technology advanced enough to stuff a grown man into a costume is absolutely ridiculous. There have been numerous psychological theories centered on Scott Cawthon’s childhood and possible traumas that resulted in these novels & games, however, it is all speculation at best. LEARN TO SEPARATE FACT FROM FICTION!



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