Five Nights at Freddy’s was released to public August 8, 2014. Literally within days, claims are being made of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza being, or having been, a real place. Fazbear Entertainment current CEO Scott Cawthon denies any wrongdoing and claims the entire game story is fiction. More games, products, and books are published based around the FNAF line. Along with these products much evidence surfaces suggesting that Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was or is real; most of these claims have been debunked and are clearly fake. However, there remains a body of evidence that hasn’t been debunked, that isn’t as clearly true or untrue; some evidence which even predates the release of the game. Some of this evidence I include on this website—please refer to my Photo Galleries.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has created an indistinct blur between fantasy and fiction that has led to much confusion. This blur has effected other businesses and this is a matter the needs to be corrected. Let’s begin at the beginning: Animatronics. Upon researching Animatronic Family Entertainment centers, I found it to be a surprisingly under-documented industry. It is known that walking animatronics were made as early as 1985, the most common example being the Benjamin Franklin animatronic in Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

As far as animatronics in restaurants are concerned, according to Wikipedia, quoting from an article by Alfredo Medina Ayala, “Advances in New Technologies, Interactive Interfaces, and Communicability First International Conference Papers” (22 October 2010), the first animatronic in a restaurant was Golden Mario, created by a company called Team Built in 1968. We have contacted Mr. Ayala through texting and asked him for more detail concerning this, which we will publish here when he answers.

To my knowledge, there have been no recorded incidents of animatronics harming a human being. Some of the people, who claimed to have been to the alleged Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, reported the Animatronics were rather smelly and described the odor as “footy” or stale—very different from a “smell of rotting flesh”; a likely explanation is that children would often throw food at the Animatronics and the food would fall in the crevasses and eventually lead to stale smelling odor. This may have been so for some real-life, early restaurants using animatronics, however, any new locations are usually well maintained and more care taken with the equipment.

There has been talk of a movie coming out however I believe it is important that truth is known about this place before such a movie is made. More research is needed on the truth of this theory, which is why I began my own investigation and why I opened this website. If you want to know more on this subject, please check out the two links:
While it is entirely possible Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was at one time a real place, there is, currently NO clear evidence that this is, in fact, true. Due to the popularity of the game, and of animatronic pizza restaurants, I do believe if there is enough of a demand for a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza restaurant, there assuredly will be opening locations in the future. The only in FACTUAL evidence I have found, so far, of an actual restaurant opening (and these are sites that PLAN to open a restaurant and have stated this, NOT sites that have BEGUN CONTRUCTION) are as follows:



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