When FreddyFazbearsPizza.com was first active the purpose was to separate the fact from fiction on Fazbear Entertainment. Locating the actual Fazbear Public Relations company seemed impossible & none of the outlets I contacted seemed to respond. When FreddyFazbearsPizza.com went down with no signs of resurrection it seemed clear to me that if I wanted to the truth I was going have to go out and get it myself: I couldn’t trust anyone to do it for me. Thus, Fazbear Public Relations, now present on Facebook, was founded.

One of the aspects of this company is to get certain messages across to the public. For instance, when I found out that Freddy’s Pizzeria in Long Branch NJ (a completely unrelated pizza place) was losing business due the influx of calls inquiring about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, I felt like something had to be done. I’m not sure how effective I was but I have tried to tell people: Leave these businesses alone! They are NOT Freddie Fazbear's!

The public should practice caution and use critical thinking; to differentiate between the GAME and REAL restaurants. I want the public to know that the locations in the game in NO WAY reflect, for example, on Chuck E. cheese, which is fine company that provides quality services. Animatronic Critter Bands are fun and exciting but they have NEVER physically harmed a human being. This company and it's website aim to find the TRUTH about Freddie Fazbear and provides photos and information to visitors who can make their own decisions on what is out there.

Please look over the photos and information I have provided here on this NEW & IMPROVED WEBSITE, and make your own conclusions!




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